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Inspired by the movie: Coming to America

Canvas high quality 100% preshrunk cotton T-shirts
Print Method: Direct-To-Garment

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait stop right there! Listen: Stop right there, man. A man goes into a restaurant. You listenin'? A man goes into a restaurant, and he sits down, he's having a bowl of soup and he says to the waiter, waiter come taste the soup. Waiter says: Is something wrong with the soup? He says: Taste the soup. He says: Is there something wrong with the soup? Is the soup too hot? He says: Will you taste the soup? What's wrong, is the soup too cold? Will you just taste the soup?! Alright, I'll taste the soup - where's the spoon?? Achaaa. Achaaa! ...

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Achaaaa - Coming to America T-shirt - Taste the Soup Eddie Murphy

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